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Which of Slash’s bands is the best?

Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash’s Snakepit — all three of these bands have on thing in common, and it is that each of these bands at one point included the legendary guitarist Slash. But which of these are the best?

Without a doubt, this entire blog post is opinionated. There will be disagreements.

The order in which Slash was in is Guns N’ Roses, then Slash’s Snakepit, then Velvet Revolver.


If I were to compare the modern day Guns N’ Roses with any of the two other bands, it would be ranked the lowest, hands down. But if I were to compare the time in which Slash was in Guns N’ Roses, it would be ranked the highest, hands down. Comparing bands is a difficult task, but the solos Slash did in Guns N’ Roses are so much better than the ones he did elsewhere. Primarily the ones in Paradise City (outro), Nightrain, November Rain (outro), the riff in Sweet Child O’ Mine, etc.

Next would be Slash’s Snakepit. Slash was least known for his time in this band, but his solos were definitely up there with the ones from Guns N’ Roses. The band did a good job utilizing their gift that is Slash. Some songs to listen to are Been There Lately, Neither Can I, Monkey Chow, Take It Away, etc.

Last is Velvet Revolver. Don’t get me wrong, I love Velvet Revolver. But unfortunately, they are nowhere near the levels of Guns N’ Roses and Slash’s Snakepit. The vocals is better than Slash’s Snakepit’s, but the solos are not. The band does not do a good job of emphasizing Slash’s presence. Their songs are still good; ones to listen to are Let It Roll and Slither.

The reason I wrote about this is because my concerts for the Slash concert in Korea have arrived! Two weeks later, I will be watching the master performing some of his greatest works from all three bands. The final setlist for Koera is not published, but this is what he performed in Australia a couple days back:


This setlist, in my opinion, is almost as good as it can get. The lack of Snakepit songs is disappointing but it is still all good. ¬†Paradise City being their last song is a great idea, for its outro is truly a great way to end a concert. I can’t wait!


Concerts in 2011

In South Korea, the year of 2011 looks promising in terms of concerts and performances.

In 2010, we saw several big name artists like Muse and Stevie Wonder come here. What is in store for 2011 you ask?

Here are some big performances confirmed so far:

1) Sting – January 11th







2) Taylor Swift – February 11th







3) Eric Clapton – February 20th





4) Iron Maiden – March 10th








5) Slash – March 20th







With 1 being the concert I most want to attend and 5 being the lowest, here is

my personal ranking:

1) Eric Clapton — A true guitar legend. There should be little to no debate here.
2) Slash — I’m assuming he’s performing his new album, which was so good that I posted about it in one of my earlier posts! I wonder what’s going to happen with all the featuring artists though?
3) Iron Maiden — The epitome of metal music; only falling slightly behind Slash
4) Sting — ¬†Overrated, and though I love The Police, Sting is just bleh.
5) ¬†Taylor Swift — Never been a fan.

*Enter epic guitar solo*

*Exit epic guitar solo*

A couple weeks ago, Slash, former guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, along with other well-known vocalists and guitarists ranging form Ozzy Osbourne to Fergie, released his first single album entitled “Slash”.


This album has received much praise from reviewers and other professionals, and it certainly deserves that praise.

Prior to its release, bits of songs here and there and two full songs were put on the internet to promote the album. Koshi Inaba from the renowned Japanese band B’z is featured in one of the full songs that was put up on the internet; the song is “Sahara”. When I first heard it, I knew that this album was going to be amazing. Or should I say LEGENDARY!

What makes this album truly epic is the number of artists that have featured in this album.

Fergie features in the song “Beautiful Dangerous”, which I personally think is one of the best in the album.

Some other artists featured are M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, Miles Kennedy from Alter Bridge, Chris Cornell from Audioslave, and much, much more.

Alright, enough talking. It’s time you hear it for yourselves!

Preview of all the songs in the album.

And my favorite song from the album, “Promise”, featuring Chris Cornell from Audioslave.