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Concerts in 2011

In South Korea, the year of 2011 looks promising in terms of concerts and performances.

In 2010, we saw several big name artists like Muse and Stevie Wonder come here. What is in store for 2011 you ask?

Here are some big performances confirmed so far:

1) Sting – January 11th







2) Taylor Swift – February 11th







3) Eric Clapton – February 20th





4) Iron Maiden – March 10th








5) Slash – March 20th







With 1 being the concert I most want to attend and 5 being the lowest, here is

my personal ranking:

1) Eric Clapton — A true guitar legend. There should be little to no debate here.
2) Slash — I’m assuming he’s performing his new album, which was so good that I posted about it in one of my earlier posts! I wonder what’s going to happen with all the featuring artists though?
3) Iron Maiden — The epitome of metal music; only falling slightly behind Slash
4) Sting —  Overrated, and though I love The Police, Sting is just bleh.
5)  Taylor Swift — Never been a fan.


envisioning my future

There seems to be a huge gap between the amount of work you get in your high school  freshman year and sophomore year. Or is this felt just by me?

I was surprised last year at the small amount of work I had to do every day. I was hoping the rest of high school would be like this, but obviously it can’t.

Coming into my sophomore year, I can begin to understand what the upperclassmen are saying when they have so much work to do.

What worries me most is next year — if sophomore year is this bad, how bad is junior year going to be?! I’m sure I can find a way around it but reality has come down on me and it’s time to get serious.

ATTN: Iron Maiden coming to Korea on March 10th!
ATTN: Iron Maiden coming to Korea on March 10th!
ATTN: Iron Maiden coming to Korea on March 10th!

(From their most recent album)