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Homeland, The Next Hit T.V. Show

Last May, the serial drama 24, after eight seasons and 192 episodes, finally ended. The fact that Jack Bauer, the main character, managed to survive the hundreds of waves of terrorists thrown at him over a period of almost ten years may seem improbable. However, when each scene is looked at separately, it is evident that Jack Bauer and his team, save for some rare exceptions, did exactly what they needed to do.

With 24 finished, a new T.V. show has risen — Homeland. It is only in its first season, and the critics are giving thumbs ups.

Homeland is about a U.S. marine and presumed-dead prisoner of war who is discovered during a U.S. attack on a terrorist base. He is subsequently taken back to his home country, and renowned as a hero.

On the other side is an agent who is skeptical about the marine’s return. After receiving intel that “a prisoner has turned,” she assumes that the marine is the one referred to in the quote.

Years of captivity and torture can really impact the human brain — and Homeland shows just how much. That is primarily why the show is categorized under “psychological thriller” (though, it really shouldn’t). The premise, the plot, and the acting are all outstanding, but it is the show’s depiction of torture on the human mind that separates it from the other recent hot shows (Walking Dead, Broadwalk Empire, etc.). 24 or Homeland? That’s up to you!


Year of the Series finales?

This year, two shows that I’ve watched from the beginning — Lost and 24 — have come to their ends. Not to the end of their season, but to the end of their entire series. Lost ended at season 6 with a pretty good wrap up, and 24 ended at their 8th season with some loose ends. I will miss these shows greatly…

Lost: This show is pretty famous in Korea, because one of the main characters, Jin Kwon, is Korean. The first four or so seasons were really good; it had very engaging storylines with great writing. I started to lose interest in it after more and more mythology was introduced in the show, it made the series really unrealistic. Not that that was a bad thing, but I was just…disappointed. The last episode was very good, it was a good summary and wrap up of the causes behind almost everything. It may not have been as interesting as some people were expecting, but the final scene was brilliant and that alone was good enough for me.

24: Now on the other hand, 24 is a show I truly love, and have loved ever since the first episode. My previous blog post is about 24, so read that one for specifics about the show. The final season focuses more on personal revenge, and Jack goes rogue after about the first half of the season. I can’t write more about it because of spoilers, but as always, every episode keeps me wanting for more. The final episode of the entire series was very good. It may not have served as a good enough episode for the Series finale, but it was definitely perfect as a season finale.

————————There will also be a feature film about 24 to be released in the future, and it has been confirmed it will NOT be a prologue. So I hope it will be an epilogue..



Twentry Four

The epic drama 24, is coming to an end completing its eight season, making it the longest espionage related T.V. series ever, ahead of Mission Impossible and The Avengers.


The show revolves around Jack Bauer, a former CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent as of season 8, working to save the country from various things including terrorism, mass destruction/bombings, assassinations, and much more. Over the seasons, he has had many successes and a very short list of failures.
Why I enjoy this show more than others is because of the connecting storyline. The episodes in one season connect to each other and usually end in cliffhangers. Not only that, but the seasons connect to each other in a special way, and often times the show references to events that occurred in the previous seasons. It is different from a show like CSI. It is more like Lost in terms of connectivitiy.

I’ve enjoyed the show and watched in since its beginning 2001, and grown up with it ever since. Of course back then, I barely understood what was going on, but it feels good to go back to the previous seasons and watch it over again, and realize things you didn’t previously. The finale is due May 24  of 2010, only three weeks away! It is sad to see such an amazingly written show approaching its end, but it had to come to an end sometime soon because Jack Bauer is getting old fast..just like Bruce Willis from Die Hard.