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Cirque du Soleil – Zaia!

Cirque Du Soleil – Zaia!

During my brief stay in Hong Kong + Macau, I watched Zaia, one of the shows the renowned Cirque du Soleil presents. I’ve watched their shows ever since I was young, the first one I watched was Quidam and the last one I watched was Allegria. First of all, I would like to point out Macaù is one of the two countries under the special rule of China, the other one being Hong Kong. We stayed in the Venetian Hotel in Macaù, which is also where Zaia is performed every couple of weeks (?). It is also the only place in the world Zaia can be seen, so it felt special to be sleeping here. To get to Macaù we had to ride a boat from Hong Kong; we stayed in Hong Kong during the day and went to Macaù at night.

Cirque du Soleil, or Circus of the Sun in English, is a performing arts franchise, consisting of many episodes/shows. The shows are somewhat circus type, but it is no ordinary circus at all. There are always a comic element — the clowns, a serious element — opera singers, a nerve wrecking element — the stunts, and definitely a mind blowing element — everything else. Zaia included truly impressive acts, and though I want to describe to you what kind of acts there were, it is too hard to describe because it is so different from anything most people watch. To help me describe, here are some videos:

This video is a juggling act that was also in Zaia. Pretty impressive, right? 4:10 to the end of the video is my favorite part.

This is a video of a clown act from Quidam. It’s always funnier watching it live; I don’t think this act was as funny as the ones in Zaia.

Every time I watch one of their shows, I am always astounded by the teamwork and coordination of the performers, working with each other to perfection. So many things go on at once, some are less important which is why there is always some indication of where the main act is.

Most shows start with clowns interacting with the audience or with each other, and though “clowns” may sound cheesy, these guys are different. These clowns know how to make the audience laugh out loud, I was no exception to this. They appear in the middle of shows for a funny little act and also join in with some other acts too. The opening to Zaia was the funniest thing I saw during spring vacation. I will put up a video for you to watch, but I recommend you to watch while alone.

This show was way better than Riverdance (refer to my previous post to see what that was about) and also better than Allegria, the previous Cirque du Soleil show I watched. The shows are held here in Korea from time to time and when they are, I strongly, strongly recommend you to buy or ask your parents to buy tickets to see them perform live. You will be amazed.



On the night of March 11th, I went to see Riverdance. IIRC (If I Remember/Recall Correctly; I bet half of you just learned a new meme!) the following Friday was a curriculum day so I could watch the show not worrying about school the next day. Not like I WANTED to watch this, my parents made me by telling me “We bought your ticket, the show’s on Friday” in response to me saying “I’ll think about it”.

Riverdance is a show about Tap Dancing. As in Irish Tapdancing. It sounds lame, I know, and I thought so too. But after two hours of non stop tapdancing and amazing music, I thought it was…pretty cool. I mean,  it was really impressive how they can do that with their feet, but it is not something I would watch again.

The picture includes the ticket stub and a page from the program. That page is a picture of my favorite bit in the show. It was a “Tapdance showdown” between two groups, exchanging tap dance routines and cool acrobatics. It was really good, and the music (performed Live by the way) really accompanied the setting very well.

It was a really interesting show, it did not however change my views on Irish Tapdancing. It was better than staying home doing nothing on a “friday night” (because it was Thursday and we don’t..yeah you know what I’m talking about) and I haven’t seen a play or a show of some sort in a while.

Here’s a video of the final part of the show:

TL;DR version (Too Long; Didn’t Read. Did you learn another meme?)
Very cool, interesting, great music, amazing performers.

Worth the time and money, but not something I would watch again.