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Percussion: Not only snare drums

The English teacher assigned a blog post as homework, but it had to be something about what I’m learning in school. That’s what’ I’m learning in English class, as well as reading Animal Farm, Things Fall Apart, etc. Currently we are in literature groups and my book is City of the Beasts. The book is about one of the children out of three going on a journey into the amazon after he was sent to his grandmothers house because their mother was sick. That’s what it is at least so far, and it’s not too boring to read curently.

But who wants to hear about my school life? Well at least music class is interesting. We have a concert one week from today, and the songs are sounding very good. The songs I’m playing in are the following:

Instant Concert: Base Drum

Duke Ellington: Congas & Tambourine

Africa:: Marimba, Beaded Gourd (shaker), Castanets, Gong, Base Drum

Galop: Snare Drum

Ammerland: Nothing

Video of Africa:

Yes, I play the percussion! Percussion does not include just the drum set or snare drum, but all sorts of neat things — the gong for instance. The gong hit in the middle is one of the most important notes throughout the 10 minute song, Africa.