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Late Night Gaming Banned in Korea

Several months ago, the South Korean government put into effect the “Shutdown Law,” which bans online gaming to all teenagers from 12 A.M. to 6 A.M. every night.

The law was introduced mainly by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, in an attempt to reduce game addiction among teenagers., Xbox Live, Playstation Network – all of these are now shut down, every night, in Korea.

However, several months have passed, and the law proves to be pretty useless. The law is easily circumventable – using an adult’s social security number when creating the account would immunize one from the law altogether.

In fact, the companies affected, such as Microsoft and Sony, do not support this law, as it affects a big portion of their audience. Not to mention that there is a great amount of single-player games that the teenagers can enjoy.

The law is useless and ineffective. The government regulating when children play video games is nothing short of a totalitarian action – “[totalitarian is defined as] of, denoting, relating to, or characteristic of a dictatorial one-party state that regulates every realm of life.”


Do games steer us through life?

This is a response to the editorial article titled “How Games Steer Us Through Life.”

I am a huge fan of video games — in fact, a part of  my blog IS about video games.

Simply put, I do not believe that video games are capable of distancing people from reality (the author hints that they are).  The six year old in this editorial could not have known better about the “small emergency” that the author mentions in her first sentence.

Yet, I had to reluctantly agree with some of the points the author wrote about.

I see video games as something to relieve me of my boredom… I must always have something to do. For example, if I am on the subway, I cannot just sit/stand there and just wait. I must be playing something, reading something, and/or listening to something. While this can be partially due to my playing video games, there are other factors to consider: cell phones, computers, and other technology in general. It seems to me that it is not only I that am growing more and more impatient; rather, it is the entire youth.

Are video games capable of hindering social skills? Absolutely. But are they capable of hindering our ability to grieve for the deaths of our loved ones and mourn for those of others? Absolutely not.

Rock Song Recommendations

Just a couple songs you may want to listen to…

WARNING: You may not like them.

  1. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
  2. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me by Night Ranger
  3. Renegade by Styx
  4. Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas
  5. Just Because by Jane’s Addiction

new theme, new header, new blog name

Why is the title of this blog name in lowercase letters?

I wanted it to match with my new blog title!

The Whole Enchilada. Some of you have heard this expression before, others may have not. What it means is simply “everything”, which is what my blog is or will be soon.

How do you like my new theme?

I changed it because my previous theme didn’t offer a Header where you can put a picture in. Not to mention it was so tightly packed it made me feel claustrophobic.

Which brings me to my main point: HOW DO YOU LIKE MY NEW HEADER?!


It’s a sketch from a Fallout: New Vegas fan, just like me! The artist did a really good job at drawing such a great picture to accompany such a great game. This game is going to come out in the fourth quarter of 2010. The previous title to the Fallout series was Fallout 3, which is easily one of my favorite games ever!

The “mascot” of the series is Vault Boy. He’s a happy yellow haired guy in a jumpsuit, who satirizes the series’ theme of apocalpytic wasteland. I can’t think of any better examples off the top of my head, but think of it this way: He’s like a serial killer in a clown suit (what?). Anyway, I’m going to be writing a post about the Fallout series exclusively, so watch out for that!

And because you asked for it, MORE PICTURES OF VAULT BOY!





Blockbuster Sequels















These are some awesome blockbusters of 2010. Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 are the sequels of their awesome predecessors, and are currently on the top 10 all time rankings for the Xbox 360. I have bought both already, and without a doubt Mass Effect 2 is better.

Does anybody here watch the T.V. show Chuck? Sarah Walker from the show is the voice actor for the character Miranda in Mass Effect 2. Oh boy, both characters in both shows are HOT.

In ME2, you play as John Shepard, who has been revived by a group called the Cerberus, after his death at the end of the first game. The Cerberus is not on good terms with the Alliance, which is the faction John Shepard was working for in the first game. This causes conflicts between him and his former squad members, and proves to be a challenge when decisions are there to make. The rest of the game focuses on blowing up a Reaver base, which will make no sense (along with everything in this post) to everybody who has not played the game. I’ve finished the game recently along with most of the things it has to offer, and what would I give it on a scale of 1-10?


As a reference, look at this picture. (Wikipedia)