Do games steer us through life?

This is a response to the editorial article titled “How Games Steer Us Through Life.”

I am a huge fan of video games — in fact, a part of  my blog IS about video games.

Simply put, I do not believe that video games are capable of distancing people from reality (the author hints that they are).  The six year old in this editorial could not have known better about the “small emergency” that the author mentions in her first sentence.

Yet, I had to reluctantly agree with some of the points the author wrote about.

I see video games as something to relieve me of my boredom… I must always have something to do. For example, if I am on the subway, I cannot just sit/stand there and just wait. I must be playing something, reading something, and/or listening to something. While this can be partially due to my playing video games, there are other factors to consider: cell phones, computers, and other technology in general. It seems to me that it is not only I that am growing more and more impatient; rather, it is the entire youth.

Are video games capable of hindering social skills? Absolutely. But are they capable of hindering our ability to grieve for the deaths of our loved ones and mourn for those of others? Absolutely not.


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