Must-watch Television Shows!

The television year is divided into two parts — one from September through May, and the summer season.

With so many T.V. shows, running or not running, out there, we high schoolers (and teachers/staff) do not have enough time to watch them all. There is also that torturous week-long wait we must go through for the new episode to come out. So which ones should we watch? Which ones are capable of easing our pain from all the waiting?

Below is a list of what I believe are T.V. shows everyone must watch (or give a try at the very least).

In order from most family-friendly to least:

1) Modern Family

A unique show that just won the 2011 Primetime Emmy Award for Best Comedy, Modern Family features three families: a gay couple with an adopted child, an old widower married to a young Colombian supermodel divorcee with the wife’s son, and a “cool” dad and wife (daughter of old widower) with three uncontrollable children. Modern Family is the next big thing in comedy.

The family tree:

TV-PG (Parental guidance suggested)
12세 이상 시청가

Famous actors include: Ron Howard is narrator for the show

2) Arrested Development

Modern Family is the cure for those who have ADCS, or Arrested Development Cancellation Sickness. This show is structured almost exactly like Modern Family, and many argue that MF is a ripoff of AD. AD boasts an incredible, one-of-a-kind 9.7/10 average user rating on IMDB — even world-renowned shows have a hard time passing the 9.0 bar. The show is about the father of a wealthy family being imprisoned for company fraud, and the son who must take care of his family full of degenerates, each of whom plays an unforgettable role.

The family tree:

TV-14 (May be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age)
15세 이상 시청가

3) Breaking Bad

This alone will easily get anyone through the summer-fall T.V. drought. It is about a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer, and must make the most amount of money possible to give to his family because he only has a short time to live. Thus, the fourty-year old, dedicated family man, Walter White, begins his alternate life as a drug dealer. It has won multiple Best Drama Emmys, and the actors and their acting are superb.

One great thing about this show is that every episode begings where the previous one left off; better yet, every season begings where the previous one left off. Every episode and every season leaves you wanting for the next one to come out.

TV-14 (May be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age)
15세 이상 시청가

Famous actors include: Bryan Cranston (Malcolm’s dad from Malcolm in the Middle)

4) Dexter

Dexter features possibly the most interesting protagonist of a T.V. series, ever!  He is a classic vigilante: he works for the Miami police department, but in his spare time, he kills serial killers. Nobody knows about “the Dark Passenger” within him. He is a psychopath — successful psychopaths are difficult to spot, for they seem just like any other normal person. Season 6 premieres on October 2nd.

TV-MA (Mature audience – unsuitable for audiences under 17)
19세 이상 시청가

Famous actors include: Michael C. Hall (David Fisher from Six Feet Under)

5) The Wire

A fantastic, if not the best, HBO series — The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Game of Thrones, and Entourage are just some examples of other great HBO series. The Wire is set in Baltimore Maryland, and each season (there are five), unlike CSI and the hundreds of other crime series out there, revolves around one single investigation. I mean, those are the best, are they not? It is the most realistic depiction of city life that I have ever watched.

Be warned though, this show will take time to love. Every episode is an hour long, and this is a very slow-paced series. But that is what HBO intended — a ten hour long masterpiece, as opposed to ten hour-long average episodes.

TV-MA (Mature audience – unsuitable for audiences under 17)
19세 이상 시청가

Famous actors include: Lance Reddick (Phillip Broyles of Fringe)


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