Earphones I hate

Disclaimer: This blog post is written fully from my opinions, and my opinions only. Please write any disagreements as comments!

I thought it would be in order to blog about the earphones I despise, since my previous post was about earphones I love.

The pair of earphones I hate the most are:

The Bose In-Ear Headphones

These, unfortunately, are the earphones I hate the most. The name In-Ear headphones may be misleading, because they don’t provide the noise-cancelling feature a customer might expect. Bose decided to be all fancy and create silicone ear tips, shaped to fit almost nobody. They (from my experience) barely cling on to the inside of your ear, succeptable to falling out at any time. The sound quality is nothing special. The only positive to these particular earphones is the name value. Bose should stick to speakers and headphones, because those are definitely great.

P.S.: An upgraded model named Bose In-Ear 2 has been released, but I can still safely say that it is disappointing. The silicone tips have become even more deformed and the sound quality is a little better if not the same.


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