Earphone Recommendations

Are you looking for some good earphones? Well, before you purchase your next ones, take a look at this list I compiled of my personal favorites:

1) Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro

These badboys are originally around $400, but now you can find them new for the $200 mark. I am currently using these, and I’ve got to say these are definitely the best ones I have ever used. They have replaceable cables, so if your original cables go faulty, you can renew your earphones for a cheap price!
For iPhone/Smartphone users, there is a separate cable that can be purchased for talking whilst on the phone.


2) Klipsch Image s4i

At $100 a pair, the Klipsch Image s4i comes in a close second. The price may be cheap, but you get the maximum value for your money. . I have used these personally, that is until I purchased the earphones above. There are two versions, one has the mic while the other one does not. There are different colors available.


3) Apple In-Ear Headphones

These are just a little cheaper than the Klipsch Image s4i. Apple has done a great job of improving their previous In-Ear Headphones, which are one of the worst earphones I have ever used. Their new one though, is extremely comfortable to use, and the sound quality is on a par with the higher end models of other brands. There is also a built in microphone available. The only problem may be that their white cable might get dirty over time.



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