The Office without Michael Scott

The curtains are soon to come to a close for The Office’s Michael Scott (Steve Carrell).  He announced his departure even before the seventh season started.

Not often do major characters in any given T.V. show leave. In many crime shows, such as CSI or Criminal Minds, main characters are often leave or are killed off. But in such a happy and funny show like The Office, the departure of such a central role will leave a gaping hole.

Considering he is the manager and the boss of The Office, not many can qualify to take over his role.  So who will replace him? NBC has already renewed The Office for an eighth season.

One comes to mind.

Ricky Gervais — he was the manager of U.S. version of The Office’s counterpart, The Office U.K..Unfortunately, that show ended only after two seasons, but many argue that the latter was the superior one. Either way, Ricky Gervais is a master of comedy and certainly qualified to take over Michael Scott’s job. In fact, he made a cameo appearance in an episode of season 7 which can only lead viewers to assume that he will return full time one day.

The only way to be sure is to continue watching the Office! So everybody continue watching, and if you’ve been missing out, catch up quickly!


One response to “The Office without Michael Scott

  1. I will not be watching when Michael is gone. Neither will my wife or any of our friends. Even if Ricky came onto the show we’d not watch it. Michael Scott made that show happen and without him its not The Office anymore. Sorry. Too bad for them.

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