I introduce to you: TuneUp Companion

A couple days ago, I came across what may quite possibly be the coolest program ever. This program is called TuneUp Companion.

This post is written 100% voluntarily. I apologize if this sounds like advertising or something, but I have to tell the world about this awesome program!

What this program does is it basically organizes your entire iTunes library.
For people who buy all their music, this program may be of no use. But for the rest of you out there, this program will be amazing.

There is a price though.


I am not one for buying programs or Apps, but this one was definitely worth every single penny.

“The Clean tool takes an audio fingerprint of a mislabeled song, matches it against Gracenote’s Global Media Database of more than 90 million songs, and returns most likely matches which you can save to your library. It even recognizes songs from the same album so you can get both music and cover art in one pass. In our testing, it worked almost flawlessly as long as we only chose groups of 50 songs at a time, but simply selecting the entire library and trying to clean it all brought the program to a crawl. The Cover Art tool quickly offered covers for every artist it recognized, and the Now Playing section offered up music videos for the artist playing, all accessible with a click of a button.”

Here’s what my library looks like after I used this program:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the “before” phase.

But my songs had weird Genres, no Album Covers, weird Album Names, etc.
With this you can correct everything, even up to the date of the album! And even better, you can choose which categories you want it to clean!

For more information, visit http://www.tuneupmedia.com/index.php !


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