There seem to be some people asking, “Where do you find all your music?”

The answer to this question :

There are many ways you can find new bands or singers to listen to, but this is probably my most useful source.
I used to watch those music shows on MTV or go through iTunes listening to samples, but that was until I found this site:

I discovered this site around five years ago, thanks to the internet. By the way, to get to the site you just type in into your URL.


The site has many features, including Music, Radio, Events, Community, Charts.
Let’s be more specific:

Music: The main use of the site. Here, you can find music of all genres in all levels of popularity. You can search in terms of hype, or popular in a certain location. This is a good place to find underground music or less famous bands, as opposed to bands such as Linkin Park and Boys Like Girls. (ew!) And so, this is where most of my music comes from!

Radio: You need to have an account for this. This is also a great place to find music, since it chooses a random song according to what you search for. It works outside of the U.S. also!

Events: Very, very useful features ESPECIALLY if you love attending concerts!! The site automatically sets the country to the country you are in, and the events displayed are ones that are going to happen IN YOUR COUNTRY. So ere, you find dates and locations of concerts in the most convenient way possible. Looking at the schedule..nothing much (in Korea) other than MIKA…………………..AND  THE  JISAN VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL! Taking place on July 30th, 2010. It’s going to be legendary.

I wish I could go…solely for Muse. And maybe Massive Attack.

Community: By going here, you can download The Scrobbler. Go to the page for more information. Forums are also located here.

Charts: Top charts for music. You can search in various methods.

Give the site a visit!


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