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The last 5 decent movies I have watched were Iron Man 2, Kick A** (it’s rated R), and  IIRC (if I remember correctly) , a Korean movie, “의형제”,  the Fourth Kind, and the Bourne Trilogy.

Iron Man 2

Kick A** (school…haha)

The Bourne Trilogy

All of those with the exception of the Bourne Trilogy were new releases at the time I watched them.  I watched the Bourne Trilogy again because it’s one of the best trilogies of all time, and it would be my fourth time watching it. Jason Bourne is kewl.

Review time.

Iron Man 2: 7.5/10

Amazing CG and visuals, good storyline. Lacks action scenes, but still something to watch. I think Iron Man 1 was better, but you should definitely watch the first one before watching the second.

Kick Butt: 8.5/10

It looks like a crap movie at first, as if it were another one of those stupid parody movies that get boring after 2.3 seconds. But it is not, it is truly one that exceeds in its genre. The movie fuses real life with the comic universe, and the movie does it very well. It’s funny and it’s engaging and interesting. The one down side is that it is very explicit in many ways, thus the rating is R.

의형제:  9/10

Who said Korean movies were bad? This one is awesome, and the previous hit movies in Korea “해운대” and “국가대표” are some of the best recent day movies I’ve seen. If there are any Koreans reading this blog, watch 의형제. The story is very very engaging and you will be sitting on the edge of your seat. Literally.

The Fourth Kind: 6/10

Ew! This movie was absolutely disgusting. The only reason it got a six was for its effort. Though I understand the movie was pretending to be real, it’s still not that good. The movie is about alien abductions. It’s very, very unrealistic and every time something has to be explained, they skip it or make a retarded excuse. To give it some credit, it is a pretty good movie in its genre, aliens.

The Bourne Trilogy: 9.25/10

A truly great movie. Features Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, on his journey to find what has happened to him after realizing his memory was mostly wiped. It is a trilogy, consisting of the Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum. He is so badButt! If there was a dual with him against Jack Bauer of would be tough to decide on a winner. Not to mention the series has great theme songs.


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  1. no one said Korean movies are bad.

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