On the night of March 11th, I went to see Riverdance. IIRC (If I Remember/Recall Correctly; I bet half of you just learned a new meme!) the following Friday was a curriculum day so I could watch the show not worrying about school the next day. Not like I WANTED to watch this, my parents made me by telling me “We bought your ticket, the show’s on Friday” in response to me saying “I’ll think about it”.

Riverdance is a show about Tap Dancing. As in Irish Tapdancing. It sounds lame, I know, and I thought so too. But after two hours of non stop tapdancing and amazing music, I thought it was…pretty cool. I mean,  it was really impressive how they can do that with their feet, but it is not something I would watch again.

The picture includes the ticket stub and a page from the program. That page is a picture of my favorite bit in the show. It was a “Tapdance showdown” between two groups, exchanging tap dance routines and cool acrobatics. It was really good, and the music (performed Live by the way) really accompanied the setting very well.

It was a really interesting show, it did not however change my views on Irish Tapdancing. It was better than staying home doing nothing on a “friday night” (because it was Thursday and we don’t..yeah you know what I’m talking about) and I haven’t seen a play or a show of some sort in a while.

Here’s a video of the final part of the show:

TL;DR version (Too Long; Didn’t Read. Did you learn another meme?)
Very cool, interesting, great music, amazing performers.

Worth the time and money, but not something I would watch again.


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