Give this guy a listen.

Shannon Noll.

I was watching the show “The Biggest Loser”- a reality T.V. show about very, very obese people competing in a weight loss competition with the person losing the most weight winning money and a lifetime of happiness from being really, really fit after the season. The show is spread out over episodes and it should be around the 6th season by now in the American series.

Anyways, getting to the main point. After each episode as the ending credits roll, there was always this really amazing song playing in the background. All season I wondered where that song came from, but was too annoyed to search for it. In the last episode of the season, the singer actually came out to sing the song Live. And there, I found who would be one of my favorite singers ever- Shannon Noll.

Turns out, he was the runner up on one of the seasons from Australian Idol.
Some songs I recommend that are by him: Lift (this was the one in the ending credits), What About Me, Drive, Shine, In Pieces.

And this is a music video:



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